Actor, Singer, Musician, Poet


"We Should Be United" is a rock song and rap with a strong groove and the lyrics of an anthem. It calls for tolerance, heart and bipartisanship for the greater good in the U.S.A.


Matt has worn the hats of actor, musician, composer and poet in New York and New Jersey for past 25 years, never being the hat itself, but a man, first, who wears them.  Most recently wrote, recorded and released the song "We Should be United" for the 2018 midterm election and is now on the Divine Wine Music label. Also in 2018 Matt starred in Hari Kapoor's Diamonds, a drama short film premiering at the Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival, Thursday, February 22.  In 2012, Matt released a full band alternative rock cd called Dance in Your Kitchen with a group of musicians under the name, Matt Gibbons & the Elevators.  In 2017 Matt played a lucky 13 solo gigs, featuring many of the songs from the cd, along with rock standards and Irish Pub songs. Matt's poetry has been published twice in written form, and can be heard and felt in sound form.  Matt does dance in the kitchen, in his home, work place and more.  To hit all the beats and notes of life, that's what it takes.




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