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"We Should Be United"    VIDEO CONTEST

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Above the Clouds

Video Contest




This is a great, big country.  Understanding for those who seem different is essential for the well-being of our nation.  It's needed everywhere by everyone.  

The "We Should Be United" Video Contest aims to create a stunning official video that reminds Americans to emphasize the positive and that we all share a common humanity.  I want YOU to be a part of this video!  




1.  Please stream or download "We Should Be United" by Matt Gibbons and the Elevators so you can get the feel for the project.  (See the links below.)  The Unofficial Short-Edit of the video is also on this page.  

2.  Use your smartphone and, for 10 - 20 seconds, video yourself either in harmony with someone you know is safe or by yourself singing along or simply dancing or smiling.  You can wear a mask or face-shield.  Those certainly fit the times.  A full-length video submissions is acceptable if you're that ambitious.

3.  Save the video as an MP4 and email a downloadable link to me at  An app like Drop Box or Google Drive make it easy to send downloadable links.  By sharing this link with me, you grant me first-publishing rights.  That means I get to use it in my video to be memorialized for all time, yet after I publish it, it's yours to publish anywhere you wish.

4.  Download, fill out and email the information and release form to me at, along with the link to your video.  A signature can be added using a mouse, stylus, or touch-screen, as long as it is your signature.  Each person in the video must sign the document, and I can't accept video submissions that aren't sent with one.  For anyone under 18 years of age, a guardian must also email a verifiable letter of consent.

5.  There is no entry fee.  Participation in this contest is voluntary, an act of good will and patriotism, and, as the budget's already in the red, winners that become part of the official video will receive screen credit if they want it.  All participants also get to say they were part of something really good for the country.


Download:  The Information and Release Form.

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"We Should Be United" is a rock song that moves in and out of rap with a strong reggae groove and the lyrics of an anthem. It calls for tolerance, heart and bipartisanship for the greater good in the U.S.A.

The unofficial 

"Short EdiT"



Matt has worn the hats of actor, musician, composer and poet in New York and New Jersey for past 25 years, never being the hat itself, but a man, first, who wears them.  Most recently Matt has re-released and is promoting his single "We Should Be United" for the 2020 elections.  This website, in fact, is hosting the "We Should Be United Video Contest," a project that Matt hopes will be healing for the country.  Matt wrote, recorded and released "We Should Be United" for the 2018 midterm elections, and is now on the Divine Wine Music label. In acting, Matt starred in Hari Kapoor's Diamonds, a dramatic short film that premiered at the Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival, Thursday, February 22 2018.  In 2012, Matt released a full-band alternative rock cd called Dance in Your Kitchen under the name, Matt Gibbons & the Elevators.  In 2017 Matt played a lucky 13 solo gigs, featuring many of the songs from the cd, along with rock standards and Irish Pub songs. Matt's poetry has been published twice in written form, and can be heard and felt in sound form.  To make money, Matt works in NYC doing HVAC service and maintenance.  Matt does dance in the kitchen, in his home, work place, on ladders, in machine rooms, on trains...  and more!  To hit all the beats and notes of life, that's what it takes. 

Still photos from Diamonds by Hari Kapoor


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